We all get ‘stuck’ at times on our life’s journey, times when we find ourselves ill equipped to deal with certain situations or, we frequently experience thoughts, feelings or behaviours that diminish our quality of life and we often beat up on ourselves for this.

Holistic refers to our whole being. In Process Work we use the body, our emotions, thoughts, intuition, relationship experiences & dreams as resources of information about our state of being and becomes the basis for our moving forward out of ‘stuckness’.

Chinese philosophy states that the character of life, nature & the universe is one of constant change and unfolding. The ancient Chinese believed we’re an expression of life and therefore our nature is also one of evolution and transformation. From this perspective loss of health and/or inner wellbeing occurs when we are temporarily unaware, unable or unwilling to keep up with the natural process of life’s change.

When this happens there’s something we need clarity and understanding about, something that needs to be assimilated and integrated which, once successful, makes us more than we were previously. The more we do this, the easier it and life becomes.